“Science Experiment”

Science Experiment

Science Experiment

I’m often drawn to the narrative potential of tapestry – figures and objects interconnected in ways that can be linear or associative, sequential or simultaneous, in one panel or a series of scenes.  Another story-telling format evoking the same kind of historical respect is the tryptich, an older and more high-minded version of the three-panel comic strip – or “cartoon”, which brings us back to the name for the tapestryweaver’s full-scale design drawing.
The Latin inscription is another badge of historical authenticity, a subject I was cornered into studying for three years in high school, almost 50 years ago.  The words “Neglegentia confidite” are almost recognizeable from their English derivatives “negligence” and “confide”, and are intended to mean “Put your faith in carelessness”, or not so literally, “Know that sooner or later you’re going to screw up.”


~ by Peter Harris on 01/11/2013.

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