a path strewn with flowers

a path strewn with flowers

The latest photo shows the progress of my weaving up to about line 240 of the talim text, and now that I have assembled the whole draft diagram, I know it comes in at under 400 lines altogether.  At line 280 now, the lines are getting shorter, not as many steps, and faster to weave.  Also I’m getting more practised and less conscious of each individual line and step.  As new details of the design open up, I alternate between aha! moments and peering at the diagram to see what’s going on.
As the cloth doubles back around the front beam, the window is closing on opportunities to view and photograph the front side, shifting the balance from confidence in my weaving so far, to the longed-for revelation of first seeing the whole piece unobstructed, off the loom.


~ by Peter Harris on 10/03/2014.

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