a rude waking

a rude waking

The idea for this piece was how shocking and unfair it is to be waked up and right away have to do something about it. And, having observed otherwise civilized cats at their sadistic play, how different would our relationship be if I was this size? Then there were the challenges of getting the depiction I wanted: a stare-down with the redoubtable Zorra, who was caught off-guard in “Triumph of…Whatever”; and a shot at the conceit of letting patterned drapery suggest the erstwhile sleeper underneath, with maximum foreshortening.
No doubt there are connections with other pieces in my oeuvre – the bad things happening, the extreme perspectives, the lying around in bed. Gary Larson was an early influence. I’m surprised how little it has to do with the last piece, maybe a respite.


~ by Peter Harris on 09/11/2020.

2 Responses to “a rude waking”

  1. Love this – the thought behind it and the visual. Do you give zoom tutorials on kani weaving?!!!

    • Thanks for your comment on the tapestry and at the same time inquiry about kani weaving, so you know my competence with digital technology is a couple of centuries behind. What I need is a webcam that can look over my shoulder at a square inch of weaving-in-progress, meanwhile happy to answer questions.

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